Women from Ariane Cities Aerospace Meeting (WACAM-CVA)

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Connect, Inspire, and Transform European Space Sector at WACAM!

WACAM 2024 is the first edition of a networking event brings together women from European cities – referred to as Ariane Cities – space agencies and partner industrial firms’ member of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA).

Build your professional network:

  • Meet and connect with leading women in the space industry in Europe.
  • Share experiences and ideas to boost your career.
  • Strengthen your network and find new opportunities.
  • Be inspired by the stories of women leaders in the sector.

Are you a woman passionate about space? Do you want to strengthen your network and connect with women from different European Cities?

Don’t miss WACAM!




Institutional Opening


Keynote Speeches and Introduction

  • Geraldine Naja (Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness – European Space Agency)
  • Isabel Perez-Grande (Head of Science, Technology and Innovation – Spanish Space Agency)


Round table 1: Pioneering Women in Space: Sharing Experiences and Motivations

  • Geraldine Naja (Director ESA)
  • Milena Lerario (CEO Airbus Italy)
  • Annette Ladstaetter (Professor University Bremen)
  • Representative (Ariane Group France)
  • Eva Diaz (Business Development Manager Alter Technology TUV Nord)
  • Alicia Ayuso (Head Materials and Processes Airbus Spain)


Coffee Break


Round table 2: Space for Growth: How the Space Sector is Boosting Local and Regional Economies

Seville & Bremen


Informal networking




Visit to the Art Museum of Sevilla “Museo de Bellas Artes” for a guidance tour focus on the Astronomy in the Art

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